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Globally famous for Sulfur Urea, Minerals Products, Building Cement, Gypsum Powder, Fresh Dates, and more.

Amoot Iranian Jahan Asa Private Limited is a reliable manufacturer, supplier, and exporter that provides customers all over the world with a range of quality goods. This includes Sulfur Urea, Minerals Products, Building Cement, Gypsum Powder, Fresh Dates, and more.

We are renowned for being leaders in a number of industries and for offering clients all over the world premium goods and services. Our proficiency in bulk commodities trading enables us to meet the demands of global clientele. We take great satisfaction in providing exceptional customer service, and we constantly go above and beyond to accommodate the requirements and preferences of our clients.

Most Popular Products

Our dedication to dependability has played a significant role in our progress. We have been successful in drawing in new business and keeping hold of our current clientele by continuously proving our dependability. We have gained the trust and confidence of our clients by our reputation for providing high-quality products and services on time, which has resulted in repeat business and recommendations.

Logistics and Delivery

Our capable logistics and delivery staff provides us with the support we need to deliver goods on schedule all around the world.

What sets us apart from competitors?

Apart from our quality products including Fresh Dates, Sulfur Urea, Minerals Products, Building Cement, Gypsum Powder, and more, listed below are a few other reasons for our sucess and long standing presence in the market:

  • Excellence: An essential component of our business operations is quality. We know how important it is to provide our customers with high-quality items and ensure that every transaction satisfies the necessary requirements. We ensure that our products meet international quality regulations and standards.
  • Contentment of the client: Every transaction is handled with professionalism, openness, and honesty thanks to the efforts of our team of specialists. We work hard to satisfy the unique demands and specifications of our clients while keeping a close eye on customer satisfaction.
  • Economical products: Our company offers customers affordable goods and services to meet the demands of our clients. We make a concerted effort to maintain affordable rates without compromising the quality of our products since we recognize how important pricing is in the marketplace.
  • Flexible modes of payment: Our company makes it easy for our clients to conduct business by providing flexible payment modes in addition to reasonable pricing.

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